Miniaturized Screening

Our NTP Screening Workstation is a fully automated microfluidic workstation for ultrahigh throughput screening of a broad range of microorganisms.

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Your application is microbial strain optimization, enzyme optimization or peptide synthesis – our workstation provides stable and controllable conditions and ultrahigh throughput for multi-million samples per day. 

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Directed Evolution – the repeated mutation, selection and amplification of desired features under controlled lab conditions – is a powerful tool to optimize strains, cells and enzymes for industrial applications.

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system solutions for miniaturized screening

High throughput screening strategies are playing an essential role in research and development for industrial biotech applications. With our automated systems we provide the technical solution for your ideas. No more need to worry about necessary throughput, identical assay conditions or reliable hit detection and selection.


Optimization of microbial strains or mammalian cell lines is crucial for the improved production of biomass or biotechnological products of industrial relevance.

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Antibody Optimization

The efficient implementation of directed evolution approaches in an automated system is a key element of successful antibody optimization.

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With engineering thought through to the last detail and ultrahigh throughput our workstation enables you to fully exploit the enormous potential of synthetic peptide generation.

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Made in Germany

Microfluidic workstation

Our Nano-Titer-Pipe (NTP) Screening Workstation is a fully automated microfluidic workstation for

  • ultrahigh throughput screening
  • a broad range of microorganisms and mammalian cells
  • antibody optimization
  • peptide synthesis

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Our Technology

sophisticated engineering

The engineering of the NTP Workstation is the result of thorough investigation, deep understanding and finally the successful overcoming of the factors that have been limiting automated microfluidic single cell screening so far. 

Our technology - avoiding limitations of conventional robot based systems - generates droplets actively. These droplets are the miniaturized vessels for the respective biological or chemical reaction. Each of them is processed under adjustable, stable and identical conditions – during incubation, assay addition or sample collection. During the process all droplets may be analyzed by a variety of sensing methods and can be sorted by defined selection criteria. As a result, the NTP workstation dramatically increases throughput and quality of analysis and reduces the amount of applied reagent and reaction times significantly

Your Partner for
Microfluidic Systems

Efficient Robotics is a leading company in the field of complex microfluidic engineering.

Our aim is to provide innovative technical solutions for applications in pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industry.  We design and build microfluidic workstations that significantly increase throughput, efficiency and quality of your screening applications.