About Us

Founded in 2012, Efficient Robotics is a leading company for the development, production and commercialization of automated microfluidic systems for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical industries.  The automated microfluidic platform called NTP (nano-titer-pipe) is an ultra-high throughput workstation for the screening and optimization of microbial strains, cell lines, enzymes, proteins and peptides.  The NTP platform allows for the ultra-high throughput screening of up to 10 million samples per day with a small footprint and easy handling. The NTP platform technology of Efficient Robotics GmbH enables the miniaturization of complex biological and chemical processes. With the unique and easy integration of a multitude of different sensors and mechanics into micro-structured capillary systems, it is possible to translate and implement almost any complex biochemical process into a fully automated microfluidic system. The significant increase in ultra-high throughput screening throughput while at the same time reducing the required quantities of reagents, increases efficiency and reduced costs for our customers in a way that cannot be achieved with conventional screening process automation.

Efficient Robotics is located in Kornwestheim, in the midst of the high-tech region of Stuttgart, one of the most successful technical business locations in Germany.

Mission and Vision

Efficient Robotics develops and sells microfluidic ultrahigh-throughput screening solutions for applications in pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical industry. 

With our products we contribute to the efficiency of our customer’s research and development, providing a technological and economic advantage – that is what Efficient Robotics stands for. 

It is our vision to implement fast and efficient microfluidic system solutions to replace time and cost intensive workflows in the lab and in doing so open up new fields of application. 

Our interdisciplinary team of experts works on this goal with commitment, passion and many years of development experience in mechanical and electronic engineering, in aerospace technology and in biotechnology. Our corporate culture is based on fairness, trust, reliability, credibility, legality and sustainability.

The high quality standards of Efficient Robotics are implemented in our DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system.



Thank you for considering a career at Efficient Robotics. 

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